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Learning Made Easy

By Michael Grady

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Become a better student, improve your reading skills and ability to concentrate with Michael Grady's Learning Made Easy program.

Track mgl01 - Activating Your Gifts
Every individual has powerful Gifts laying dormant within themselves. In this session we will tap into this power of yours, activate it and integrate this essence into how you learn, utilize and recall information for your highest benefit. You will be guided into a very profound state of mind for this process to occur that will forever shift your personal possibilities.
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Track mgl02 - Transforming Into Your Very Best
Imagine being able to transform into the version of yourself that is the very best of everything that you do. You will be constructing a new version of yourself, how you would ideally like to be and the type of results you get. After creating exactly how you would like to be knowing that your unlimited mind will create this for you, now experience this New Reality unfold before you.
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Track mgl03 - Turning Past Failures Into Future Successes
Everyone has past experiences that didn't work out as best as we hoped for, the difference between successful students and unsuccessful students is that successful students will past failures to their advantage to learn from and excel forward. You will be changing your personal history on how you've been viewing "failures," completely reframe these experiences and benefit highly from them.
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Track mgl04 - Paving the Future with Higher Grades
Sky rocket forward by utilizing the energy of the successes you've already have experienced to literally jet propel yourself forward. Many times students may get bogged down by focusing too much on the negatives. This process will enable you to run forward with the feeling of achievement no matter where you are in your learning development truly setting yourself up to do well.
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Track mgl05 - A Restful Sleep to Wake Up Early
Getting proper deep sleep and arising bright and early for the day is crucial to your life as a student. This session will help you sleep if you are having trouble and also help you wake up on or even before your alarm clock goes off. Rest peacefully and deeply with no interruptions so tomorrow you can take on the day fresh and ready!
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Track mgl06 - Easy Homework Motivation
Having trouble being motivated to do that homework you've been putting off? Yes, we understand... but we also know that there is a process to shift this state of mind so you will actually WANT to do you homework. This is a technique that will re-rewire the neuro-pathways in your brain to have true motivation to do your homework with ease.
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Track mgl07 - The Keys to Being a Super Successful Student
There are simple yet profound keys that you will be taught that when used will enable you to be able to "ace" any test and pass any subject with flying colors. The keys we are passing on to you are known and used by the most successful people so you can become the most successful student that you can be. Follow these keys and you'll have everything you need to be a super successful student.
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Track mgl08 - Extracting the Secrets of Straight A Students
Through studying successful students we have found the major key factors each of them has that enables their ability to score high grades. We will take each of these powerful qualities and with a process called "neuro-duplication," set these qualities into your brain like downloading a program onto a computer. This process will change the way you learn forever, easily.
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Track mgl09 - Mental Protection from Negativity
Ever wish you had a force field around you that would protect you from any type of harm, where you are completely safe and always in your power? In this process we will set up a reaction system in your mind for when people are negative or you experience negative criticism and you will only be effected positively. Keeping a positive mental state is essential to your learning and this will help maintain this for you.
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Track mgl10 - Producing Powerful Presentations
Powerful presentations are not only great for your in class participation skills, they also increase your confidence in life. Through this session learn at a profound mental state how you will have the skills of a great presenter having enthusiasm, confidence, better language skills while having a radiant presence.
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Track mgl11 - Enhancing Your Reading Retention Rate
With a heightened skill of retaining the information you read will save you much time and mental energy so you can do more of what you love. You will be exposed to secrets, tips and tricks that enable individuals like you to learn quicker, faster and easier. Without these skills one may not figure out how this is possible until it is experienced for yourself.
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Track mgl12 - Easily Memorize Anything
The brain stores information like files in a computer and when you know how to create and organize these files correctly you will easily be able to recall them faster. You will go through a process to create the information you are learning to be available to you just like it is on auto-pilot or at your " mental fingertips."
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Track mgl13 - Test Preparation for Easy Information Recall
Prepare your mind before a quiz, test or exam for best results. Recall information just like you would search for information on an internet search bar. Specific ways to heighten your test scores will be given to you and activated throughout this session. Let go of any test anxiety and allow the answers to now come to you.
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