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Business Success Series

Success begins in your mind. You need to make a conscious commitment to be successful. This program will help you to achieve your goals and eliminate the negative thinking and behavior that have kept you from accomplishing your objectives. Whatever your ambitions are for your business, they are obtainable. With business success, comes financial success and you can learn how to create your wealth through the power of your mind. Become trained in attracting the success you desire!

A Master's Golf Mental Guide

This golf mental game guide methodically walks you through eight guided journeys. It teaches you ten golf mental game skills that were derived from scientific testing and measuring. Data reveals that these ten specific skills positively make up more than 90% of your golf mental game. We have taken out the guess work. Elevate your golf mental game. Enjoy the ride!

In the Zone

Jeffrey Howard takes you on a magnificent journey connecting with your greatest resource - your wondrous and amazing mind. You are taken to powerful places for you to explore - the inner depths of your mind, as you are gently guided into the various states of being in the zone. You let go of frustrations, worries and sense of distraction, as you focus on your breath and the sound of his voice, while allowing the music, sound and light technology of these TGI sessions to guide you into a new state of focused awareness - your ideal brain wave state for this creative visualization experience.

In this deep state of focused relaxation, you open your mind to new ideas and concepts, as you choose to let go of limiting thoughts, limiting beliefs and actions you have carried with you from the past. You are integrating the knowledge and feelings of your process and are ready to take these new steps in your life with infinite possibilities. You stay completely aware and follow the trail as new ideas and thoughts develop in your mind about how to be more productive with you time, energy and your personal genius. Your brain is able to store and process more information faster than the most powerful super computer and you can call on this genius at will anytime you choose and know you will have the answers that you seek.

Give yourself this gift of inner peace and special time for you that you deserve. Take this time for you to rejuvenate, heal, recharge and energize your body, your mind, your health and wellbeing. Breathe deeply into the music and allow it to permeate into your being. At the end of your journey, you return to your fully conscious awake state and enter back into room awareness. Your journey has embedded your mind with new thoughts, new ideas and new concepts and created a shift in your life.

Confronting Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is an extremely stressful experience, which can aggravate the results of your treatment. Fortunately, using the powerful technology of TGI Science you can release fear and anxiety and take control of your recovery. This guided imagery technique can assist you in regaining your optimism, recharge your immune system and make the best use of your medical treatment.

Easy Weight Loss Meditation Series

You can change your biology through your thoughts and feelings. The 50 trillion cells in your body are listening to your thoughts. When you are stressed, depressed, anxious, your cells are listening and responding. This mediation will help you master your mindset so you naturally think healthy, happy, joyful, loving thoughts leading you to shed weight, reduce stress, and finally feel free in your body.

Mental Side of Hockey: Youth

The Mental Side of Hockey is a 10 motivational session program that focuses on the players' mental skill development, and helping them, through guided visualizations, to visualize their goals with increased clarity.

The Mental Side of Hockey is a unique and powerful program which encourages the development of the KEY ingredient in any success your thinking. Studies prove that athletes who successfully employ visualization techniques consistently excel.

Spiritual Awareness

These TGI sessions will help you to re-connect with spirit and go inward to the quiet stillness that is needed during difficult times. Everything that needs to be taken care of, in your own mind, will be taken care of. During these sessions, you will experience the omnipotent power that lies within you.

Return to the Light Meditation Series

These meditations are to free your mind and awaken strong and deep feelings within you; to take the restless, wandering, inquisitive mind and bring into the Light to settle down; to look on one another not in terms of form or behavior but in terms of your thoughts; to be a happy learner of the lessons Light brings to you.

You-Nique Weight Loss

This program is truly unique in that it focuses on the elements affecting weight loss. In this process we will examine Negative Beliefs : you are today because of what you thought about yesterday, and who you are today will be determined by what you do and think about today.

We'll address the self-talk and beliefs you have about yourself. As you begin to live again, food becomes less a source of entertainment and pleasure.

Cleansing Collection

Energize, enliven and renew for a younger you for a lifetime. Through this life-enriching and giving program, you will experience what is essential for preparing for a healthy cleanse which leads to the discovery of your true fountain of youth within your own control. These programs will fortify you with even more than a younger, more alive, enriched body, face and mind, they will bring forth your living purpose and passion that will inspire everyone to want what you will gain here.

Support For Family

A combination of tracks from our leading authors for family members taking care of a loved one.

Support For Professional Caregivers

A combination of tracks from our leading authors for professional caregivers.

Dream Drops Weight Loss

Imagine a weight loss solution that is easy to do and allows you shed up to 30 pounds in 30 days. Dreams do come true! Dream Drops is a doctor supervised program that provides all the elements you need to success including coaching support.

Perfect Sleep

Use our drug-free, powerful technology so you can quickly and easily return to a natural sleep cycle. Regain your health and vitality, and avoid the side effects of sleeplessness, such as daytime drowsiness, irritability, lack of concentration, or poor memory. All tracks of this program are encoded to put your brain in a theta rhythm, which brings a natural sleep.

A Peaceful Sleep

Adoley Adunton will guide you to a peaceful sleep with her programs that teach you how to relax, wash away worry, and establish good bedtime habits.

Break Through Depression

Depression is like a cloud of fog that surrounds you, limiting you from seeing all things around you such as happiness, support, and love. Let Dr. Brenda Wade help clear the fog so you can see the sunshine again.

Easy Weight Loss Now

Now you can use the same powerful technique used by top business people and athletes to excel at any activity by seeing themselves as winners. In this powerful program, Adoley helps you train your mental attitudes toward confidence, motivation and ultimate weight loss success. It sets the stage for success by establishing a powerful plan of action for creating your ideal healthy and slim body.