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Using proprietary Opto-Audio technology, the Master Key has combined the power of the mind with the force of technology. These devices allow you to fully experience all our programs by using a combination of sound and specific patterns of light. With your program guide, you can experience Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI), so you may accomplish your desired outcome. The music, sound and light technology of the TGI sessions guide you into a new state of focused awareness-your ideal brain wave state for this creative visualization experience. In a relaxed state, your mind is able to visualize an outcome, and you achieve the change you desire.

The small size and portability of the these devices allows you to take your programs with you, wherever you go. Use the programs in your own home, or on a business trip to Beijing. There's no software to install, and no messing with CDs or tapes. They are easy to use. They are compact and portable, easily slipping into a pocket, purse, or briefcase.

Give yourself the gift of a Master Key, and discover the mind/body relationship that can help you take control, reach your goals, and be your best!

Features & Benefits
Create a play list
For a longer listening experience on airplanes or anytime choose up to three recordings. The recordings will play one, right after the other.

Turn any recording into a sleep, or go back to sleep mode.
Now you can use your favorite recording to go to sleep or go back to sleep. Select Advanced Settings and then select Daytime feature and then select the time of day you want to listen to the recording. Imagine listening a golf recording that will take you off to dream land.

The lights can be turned off using the Brightness Control
For those who can't use the lights simply turn the lights off and binaural beats up.
Or if you prefer the brightness of the lights can be reduced to fit your needs.

Volume control for Binaural beats
There are times when you might want change the volume of the binaural beats, especially for those who can't use the lights.

Downloadable library of recordings from Masters and Experts in their fields
With so many topics to choose from there is sure to be something that will interest you or you loved ones, from Business Success to Spiritual, from Golf to Personal Growth.

Charger and USB cord Included
Use your computer, wall plug or car plug-in to keep a full charge.

Charges like a cell phone
No batteries required. Using the USB cord and Charger provided plug into an electrical outlet or your computer.

Screen Saver
After about one minute of play time the screen shuts off except for an illuminated count down timer.
Allows for longer battery life.

Illuminated count down timer
Now you can know exactly how much longer the current recording has left to play.


The TGI PRO system has more memory, and allows you to download your own favorite programs at any time. You can order a TGI PRO with a pre-loaded program, or choose your own combination of sessions. The device also comes with the headphones and specialized glasses. Software embedded in the TGI PRO activates when connected to the Internet - all you need is an internet connection and a USB port.

Price: $699