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A Loving Life

By Belanie Dishong

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A Loving Life takes in all aspect of your life. It is about coming to know love in a whole new way. When you can connect with love thought the connection of your head and your heart you will come to truly live A Loving Life. You surpass limiting concepts about love and create a life of love regardless to your circumstances.

Track bal01 - Finding Love -The Experience that Love Is!
In Finding Love you will actually connect with love. There is a truth about love that will free you from limitations you experience in love and all relationships. With this truth discovered, love becomes a way of being...no longer a way of seeking. Come experience Finding Love.
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Track bal02 - A Communication with God
A Communication with God takes you beyond the action of prayer into the experience of being with God. You will connect heart to heart with God. It is a loving communion, an expression of gratitude, and a most powerful exchange of love. You embody the experiential relationship with the experiential God and bring the experience from this session to all parts of your life.
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Track bal03 - Self Love
Without self love you will always be in search for something that you feel is missing. In this session you will be present to the joy that is possible with self love. The Self Love experience connects your head with your heart so that you will go through your everyday life present to the experience that you created in the session. Come to know and live Self Love!
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Track bal04 - A Loving Heart
There are times in your life where you have turned love off. You are not the same when you are not experiencing love. The Loving Heart Session opens you up so you are free to restore yourself to the experience of love. You'll live with peace, love and joy when all of your life is lived through...A Loving Heart.
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Track bal05 - The Power of Love
The Power of Love is matched by nothing. Love does heal everything; it cleanses the most difficult situations. In this session you will experience the process of bringing the healing power of love to any and all things in your life unresolved or not working. When you embody this process, you embody the tools to have the Power of Love work in your life, forever.
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Track bal06 - Freedom from Guilt
Holding onto guilt does not serve you. Feeling guilty does not undo or make anything you may have done better. Guilt kills the experience of love. Not being present to love is harmful. You will free this harmful and destructive cycle in this session of Freedom from Guilt and you will restore the experience of love for self and others.
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