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Change the Channel on Pain

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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Dr. Emmett E. Miller begins this guided imagery healing tape by instructing the listener to focus on sensations and let them slip into the background and away from awareness. Miller instructs the listener to bring the pain out in front and give it a shape, color, weight, etc., and then to release it from awareness. Sounds of ocean waves (and the piano version of Debussy's La Mer) accompany suggestions to wash away pain, increase relaxation, and then become undulating swells on the ocean. Basically, Miller lets the listener realize how to develop "selective awareness"; he imbeds suggestions to make this ability more available throughout the day. Side two offers a more active way to eliminate or reduce pain sensations; Miller instructs the listener to create a "numbness glove" on one hand to transfer anesthesia to the parts of the body experiencing pain. The background music of harp, piano, flute, and harp is relaxing light classical or impressionistic. Miller's voice is warm and resonant, like a valued friend. ~ review by Carol Wright

Track ecp01 - Releasing Pain
Teaches you to focus awareness away from pain, and thereby decrease its intensity. This experience uses imagery and selective awareness to help you dissolve and make the sensations of pain disappear, while leaving you in a calm, deeply relaxed state.
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Track ecp02 - Focusing Relief
With a background of harp and flute, this experience teaches the technique of creating numbness of “glove anesthesia” in your hand. Then it provides a method, “dissociation,” of transferring the numbness to an area of your body where you are feeling the pain.
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