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Clearing Cancer

By Max Highstein

Audio Sample

Three guided meditations cover three different parts of the recovery process. Healing music composed specifically for this program by Max Highstein accompanies the powerful script, beautifully voiced by Kitzie Stern. All of the qualities that made The Healing Waterfall an award winning bestselling meditation are present here, focused specifically on healing cancer.

Track mcc01 - Clearing Your Cells with Love
Traditionally, guided imagery for cancer focused on stimulating the immune system with ’warfare’ imagery. A patient would visualize fighting their cancer with artillery blasts, laser guns, and other violent means to stimulate the immune system. But rather than add negativity to an already difficult situation, this program takes another approach. In this guided meditation, you’ll spend time in a cozy room inside your own heart center, and send rays of healing light to cancer cells. Powered by love, the rays automatically seek out and eliminate cancer cells where every they may be, by making each cell realize ’I don’t belong here’, and dematerialize of its own accord. Vibrant music and colorful imagery bring this program to life, making it dramatic and powerful.
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Track mcc02 - Preparing for Treatment
Chemo therapy and radiation can be very challenging. But being mentally prepared and positively focused can make a huge difference in your experience. Use this meditation before, during, and after each treatment to optimize its effectiveness, and to make the experience as smooth and pain free as possible. In this guided meditation for healing, you’ll visualize the treatment entering your body and finding its way to the cancer quickly and easily, and efficiently eliminating it, all with a minimum of stress. Then you’ll then visualize your body receiving additional energy and support, to make up for the reserves spent in the healing process. Use this meditation to help your and mind and body make treatment as easy and effective as possible.
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Track mcc03 - Emotional Support While Healing
This guided healing meditation helps relieve emotional components that may have contributed to illness, and may be impeding healing. When you’re recovering from cancer, you need all the energy reserves your body can pull together to heal. Energy that is tied up in stored feelings of anger, sadness, or fear is energy that could otherwise be used to help your body heal. Freeing up that energy can make a big difference in your recovery. In this tender and gentle guided imagery program, you’ll connect with your inner child to gain insight into any feelings you might be holding that could be getting in the way of your healing. Then you’ll have the opportunity to release those feelings and regain lost energy. The meditation leads you step by step, making the process simple and effective.
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