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Good Morning, Great Day!

By Paul Hoffman

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The "Good Morning, Great Day!" Series are daily reminders of the power in you to create your day the way you want it to look like.

In these Meditative Visualizations you are guided to the destinations that you are seeking to manifest in your life. Listen, enjoy, learn and create your vision board of your day...today!

Track phgm01 - Blossom
This meditative visualization will encourage you to wake up each day, say yes to the spirit in you to create awe and wonder and to surprise yourself by recognizing and sharing your gift and talent.
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Track phgm02 - Resistance
This meditative visualization invites you to ride the flow of your greatness and to recognize the brilliance and genius in you by inviting you to let go of any resistance that may be holding you back.
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Track phgm03 - Greatness
This meditative visualization simply affirms your greatness while encouraging you to reach higher to live from your higher purpose. It's your life you get to choose what you want it to be!
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