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Graceful Moments

By Helen Flynn, MSW CLC

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Graceful Moments, is a Gift of Peace, Hope and Love. This TGI program is a collection of harp music, psalm readings with harp accompaniment and guided imagery with harp accompaniment.

Track hfgm01 - Psalm Readings
With Helen Flynn's melodic harp music of Amazing Grace and Danny Boy in the background, she recites beloved Psalms of David, Songs to God. The Psalms are some of the most widely read parts of the Old Testament. They are both poetry and prayer and are intended to be set to music and prayed in worship. Featured are: Psalm 23, perhaps the best known of the Psalms, was used in the deepest of sorrows and times of trial and adversity; Psalm 32, was used after healing and after forgiveness; Psalm 33, song of praise to the Creator; Psalm 34, was used as praise from deliverance of troubles, Psalm 40, gratitude and prayer for help; and Psalm 139, a personal prayer.
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Track hfgm02 - Guided Imagery
While listening to the peaceful and hypnotic melodies of the harp, you are taken on a guided imagery journey to a tranquil place where you release all cares, worries and tension from your body. You are totally relaxed and totally at peace here and able to let go of all negative feelings - pain, anger, jealousy; anything you want to let go of and it is released. These harmful emotions are gone and you are calm, serene and at peace. (Featuring Amazing Grace and Danny Boy)
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Track hfgm03 - All Is Well
Setting the tone with Green Sleeves, you are taken on a visualized meditation, allowing your mind to drift into a relaxed state, as you appreciate what is good in your life. You see yourself as a beautiful creation and one that is loved. You embrace those you love and those who have caused you pain. You are connecting to a higher power and asking for the strength and wisdom to make changes in your life that need changing. This beautiful meditation concludes with Ava Maria.
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Track hfgm04 - Resilient Woman
This meditation featuring Green Sleeves and Ava Maria takes a woman through her past and reflects on the lessons learned and to the present. You tell yourself that you make good decisions, you have learned to problem-solve, survived hurts, you are a woman of strength, courage and possess wonderful qualities; you can be who you are - you are confident, capable, compassionate, lovable and beloved - you are a resilient woman.
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Track hfgm05 - Graceful Moments Instrumental
Featuring Trois Pieces Facile and Feuillets D'Album
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