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Headache Relief

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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Powerful mind-body approaches for most headaches. Several separate experiences to 1. Relieve the discomfort through a deeply relaxing technique of muscle tension release. 2. Trace the cause of your pain through a brief exploration of its origins 3. This imagery is for daily use to keep you pain free and feeling comfortable.

Track ehr01 - Relax Away Your Headache
Before listening, gently examine your head, neck and shoulders, noting where there is tension, muscle knots, or sore trigger points. Next, you will be guided into a comfortable state of relaxation through a number of techniques. First, there is a deep muscle relaxation procedure for relieving accumulated muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and scalp. Following a series of progressive relaxation images, you will receive suggestions to slowly tense your hand into a fist while imagining the tension in your hand is superimposed over the tense spot in your head. You will then be instructed to gradually relax your hand. As it relaxes, it models the letting go process. The unconscious mind then uses this as a metaphor, transferring the same process of relaxation to the neck and scalp muscles.
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Track ehr02 - Evening Relaxation and Clearing
Use this 7-minute relaxation experience after work or at bedtime. First, you will be guided into a pleasant state of relaxation and your deeper mind is encouraged to release the tensions of the day. Next, it provides imagery for creating self-acceptance and forgiveness, two qualities frequently associated with the disappearance of headaches. No need to take extra tensions to bed. Encourages a deep, restorative night’s sleep. If you still need more relaxation to get to sleep, consider Easing into Sleep. Please note that this track is without frequency following.
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Track ehr03 - Greeting a Relaxed, Successful Day
A great way to begin your day is to listen to this track as soon as you wake up in the morning, before the challenges and worries of the day have begun. Designed to help diminish morning tension and depressed feelings, and to create an attitude of confidence and self-acceptance.

Next, the imagery will guide you into the future, projecting ahead to events that could potentially be stressful (and thus headache-producing). By rehearsing the response you want in such situations, you inoculate yourself against stress. This is called "image rehearsal," in which the appropriate behavioral responses (and freedom from head and neck pain) are visualized.

Sometimes things happen quickly, and just in case a headache should sneak up on you during the day, the pain relieving technique learned in Track 1 is rehearsed, so it will be available whenever you need it.
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Track ehr04 - Exploring the Roots of Your Headache
(Do not use this part during an actual headache.) This section is designed to train your system to operate without headaches. First you will trace the pattern of headaches back through time, to discover their common triggers, emotions, and behavior patterns. Next, you will be guided to relax deeply. Then your deeper mind will review certain stressful situations in your past, especially those that originally helped train your system to have headaches. You will pay careful attention to the triggers of your pain: the interaction with others, mental attitudes, and the emotional and behavioral reactions and responses that occur. Careful attention is paid to any “secondary gain” or subconscious purpose the headaches may have served. Please note that this track is without frequency following.
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