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Healing Journey

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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From the common cold to cancer...

Whatever you're dealing with, stress most likely has something to do with it. An estimated 90% of all illness and disease begins with stress.

Using techniques drawn from meditative and prayerful disciplines as well as soothing music, the Healing Journey program helps melt away stress whether you're anxious and overwhelmed by everyday life or trying to recover from a specific illness or chronic condition.

In the 30-plus years since Dr. Miller created this program, Healing Journey has helped countless people relax and connect with their inner healing source. And it holds the distinction of being the first nationally published guided imagery experience featuring music and deep relaxation.

Track ehj01 - The Healing Image
After deeply relaxing, imagine going inside your body to visualize any injured or diseased parts. Once identified, visualize the healing process by seeing your white blood cells engulfing bacteria or cancer cells. Imagine healing light streaming into an injured organ, or picture an army of tiny workmen repairing a fractured bone. Your inner healer will be your personal choice and dependent upon your personal beliefs and values.

The image you use in directing the healing process will emerge from the deeper levels of your mind, and depend on your imagination and the condition with which you are dealing. The image can be very realistic, if you wish, and a discussion with your healthcare professional may help you understand the process of your particular illness. On the other hand, the image you use can be very symbolic or even fantastical. Visualizing a vacuum cleaner sucking up devitalized tissue or cancer cells, a healing laser cleansing your system, or a sewing machine to speed up bone healing is perfectly OK, as is a swarm of angels or a religious figure. Images most meaningful to you are the ones that tend to work best.

About 20% of people can't visualize a healing image and instead use one of their other senses to optimize their healing. Hearing restorative music or a healing tone that balances your organs; feeling the magic touch of a fairy or the laying on of healing hands are all part of the healing journey. For best results while overcoming a disease pattern, Track 1 should be experienced one to three times per day (or more, if desired). It may then be used from time to time to sustain health and wellness, or for a welcome stress break when you need it. Many people play it during therapeutic massage.

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Track ehj02 - Breathing Music

Raphael Sharpe's soothing and calming musical presentation was written for the purpose of increasing the speed and quality of the healing process. Notice that the melodies and harmonies are the same as those accompanying the imagery on Track 1. Thus, listening can help reinforce Dr. Miller's verbal suggestions, while your conscious mind relaxes.

Many find Track 2 ideal for use during massage, yoga, or as background music during meditation or other activities that help promote healing.

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