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Healing Your Back

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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This program gives you the tools you need to relieve stress and pain, discover and disconnect your triggers, start and end each day in the right frame of mind and body, and change behaviors that lead to re-injury.

Healing Your Back is a powerful, effective, enjoyable way to take charge of your healing, reduce tension and pain in your back, and speed your return to wellness. It is three programs in one.

This first part helps you focus your mind, relax, and the ease the tension, pain and inflammation in your back or neck. Deep relaxation, guided imagery, and positive affirmation enable you to do this. Next, you will use these same mind tools to explore the roots of your back pain, re-balance your mind and emotions, and rewire your brain to provide you with the healthy attitudes and behaviors to heal your back and prevent future episodes.

The third part of this program enables you to program your mind each morning so that you carry the sense of calm balance throughout your day, thereby avoiding triggering further tension or inflammation. It also provides you with a soothing experience of deep relaxation and visualization just before bed, so your body can more quickly heal you while you sleep.

Track ehb01 - Healing Your Back with Relaxation and Imagery

As you listen to this track, you will hear Dr. Miller's voice guiding you in several of the skills of deep relaxation, including guided imagery, deep self awareness, and muscle tension awareness.

As you listen, you will begin to experience your body in a whole new way. You'll learn how to use relaxation to sustain relaxation and send it throughout your body. Next, you will imagine that you can actually look at that area of your body, as if you had x-ray vision, or could travel internally down to that place within you in a tiny submarine. The image you see of the injured area may not be what you would find in an anatomy textbook, but it is an image your mind he can use to make changes.

Next you will imagine that you are breathing a stream of white light and the healing energy into your back or neck, and surrounding it with healing energy. By making a fist with your hand, then releasing it, you will teach the deeper part of your mind what tension is and what relaxation is. Then you will transfer this to the part of your back or neck that needs to behave in a similar way.

Finally, you will repeat certain affirmations in your mind, affirmations which are designed to change the way you think and feel about your back, and provide you with important ways to interact with the world. You will find all these are fully consistent with the behaviors any qualified health professional would recommend for dealing with disorders of the neck or back.

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Track ehb02 - Greeting the Day In a Healthy Way

While you are still relaxed, physically, mentally, and emotionally from your nights rest, you will take a few minutes to become more aware of your body. Your goal will be to awaken in a positive way, and let your body and mind know that you can accomplish everything that you really need to accomplish today in a balanced and a healthy manner.

After a brief relaxation, you will focus on the things that you are grateful for. Your goal will be to establish a deep sense of gratitude and fullness within. This will be the starting point for looking at the goals and plans you have for the future. Here you will adjust your thinking and feeling, so that you focus on those things that are truly meaningful and valuable to you. Using of future pacing (future projection), you will visualize the outcomes you really want.

Motivated by this compelling vision, you will visualize yourself behaving during the day in a way that is consistent with attaining your vision, while at the same time being consistent with the rapid healing of your back. You will visualize yourself handling challenges that might arise in a calm, confident, healthy way. Especially you will visualize taking care of your back.

Long after your current episode of inflammation and tension has faded into the past, you may wish to continue this process each morning, since it will continue to keep your back healthy and balanced and strong. After while, you may find that you have virtually memorized this whole process, and it can simply do it in your mind each morning, without having to listen to the recording. Remember, each time you do, you are programming your deeper mind to look at the world in this way, to keep you healthy, and to help you be successful in what you really want to be successful at. Please note that this track is without frequency following.

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Track ehb03 - Even Relaxtion, a Quieting

Dealing with the challenges, pressures, and stresses of the day produces tension in the body, especially in the back. Most of the time people don't pay attention to this, but you will find that being mindful of what you are feeling in your body, and then using these tools can prevent the stresses of the day from triggering your back pain or making it worse.

Once again, after entering a deep state of relaxation you will use the tightening and the relaxation of your hand to become aware of and release any tension, swelling, or inflammation from your back or neck. Then you will be guided to travel to your special place, a place of peace and calm, where you will breathe healing energy through your body.

Next you will access gratitude by letting yourself be grateful for and enjoy the positive things that have occurred during the day. Then, if you wish, you will allow yourself to look back over the day and discover any situations where you may have lost your balance or engaged in behaviors, thoughts, or feelings that could be harmful to your back or to your health in general.

Finally, you will recommit yourself to being kinder to your body, more effortlessly efficient and effective, relaxed, positive and joyful. Then, after a few positive affirmations, you will allow yourself to drift into a pleasant sleep or wake up to an enjoyable evening’s activities.

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Track ehb04 - Exploring the Roots of Your Back Imbalance

If you have experienced pain in your back or neck on previous occasions, this track will help you guide yourself back through time to discover the patterns that are similar among these different episodes. In the privacy of your own imagination, you will be guided on an exploration of some of the important issues in your personal life. The imbalance and pain in your back will guide you to the events you need to look at in a different way.

In the deeply relaxed state you will find that you can examine situations that your mind may have avoided previously. You will see the different mental, emotional, social and ego purposes that the episodes may have served.

Looking back from the present, it will be clear what would be a better way to deal with situations such as these. In order to give your deeper mind an opportunity to learn a new pattern, you will allow yourself to relive these events, each time, however, picturing yourself behaving differently. Depending on the kinds of situations, you may find that you need to learn to be more assertive. On the other hand, more acceptance might be the appropriate changing of your behavior. In a similar manner, being more expressive, being less “uptight” or rigid might be the advice you would give yourself. Living in these situations, changing your behavior, and changing the outcome, is how you teach your deeper mind these new, more healthy patterns.

Finally, you will project this new behavior into the future, and literally rewire your brain to behave in this new way, the way you really want it to.

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