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Healing from Cancer

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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A person who has received a diagnosis of cancer has two issues to deal with: cancer, the disease (the abnormal cells and their growth), and cancer, the Illness (feelings of being unwell, uncomfortable and ’sick.’ť As you listen to this program you will learn mind-tools of deep relaxation (meditation), focused awareness, and guided imagery (visualization): self-applied techniques to enable you to heal. The mind-tools presented in this program can help you change your attitudes, positively impact how you feel and function, improve survival, and help minimize symptoms and side effects of treatment.

Track ehc01 - The Healing Image
Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, turn off the telephone, and allow yourself to sit or lie in a comfortable position. Your goal will be to become as relaxed as possible. As you listen to this track you will find that the soothing voice and gentle music will draw your attention away from external concerns. You will learn to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and to systematically relax each part of your body. The relaxation you reach will probably be deeper than what you experience normally when you “relax,” and many people find they become more relaxed than ever before in their lives.

If you are unfamiliar with using your imagination, meditating or otherwise guiding your awareness within, it may take several listenings before you begin to experience the profound levels of peace and serenity towards which you are being guided. Be patient; the more difficult you find it, the more valuable it will be for you to discover how to relax so deeply.

You will be guided to what Dr. Miller calls “The Healing State,” Link to Glossary a state of a focused attention during which your imagery will be most effective. In addition, by finding mental images which our most meaningful to you, you will be most able to engage the ability of your brain and nervous system to create the inner conditions best suited to healing, comfort, and the highest level of function.

Dr. Miller will suggest that you call upon your inner healer. If you are a religious person, you may find that God, Jesus, or a saint, prophet, or other religious figure can best serve this purpose. On the other hand, you might choose a mythological figure, a cartoon character, a movie superhero, an animal, a color, or even an invisible spirit or energy as your inner healer. The more vivid the image of this healer, the more emotion it taps into within you, and the more you can let yourself believe in it, the more effective your inner healer will be.

You can that learn more about how mind–body medicine works by visiting Dr. Miller's Learning Center. What we are doing is not hocus pocus, but solid science, and the more you understand the mechanism, the more effective it can be for you.
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Track ehc02 - Targeting Your Treatment
Dr. Miller recommends that you consult competent professionals to advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your condition. The imagery on this track will support and enhance whichever treatment you choose (or support your body's natural healing defenses if you decide against any external treatment modality.

If you choose chemotherapy, you might imagine your treatment as if it were a cloud of insecticide killing a swarm of locusts. If you receive radiation, you can imagine dart–like particles flying towards a gnawing rat; in short, use whatever symbolic expression is most meaningful to you.

The more emotionally powerful your images are and the more vividly you can imagine them, the more effective they tend to be. Because the treatments generally prescribed for cancer have significant side effects, patients often become negative about them. This negativity can often impair their ability to continue with the treatments, and even when they continue, their inner resistance may actually inhibit the ability of the treatment to work. As you listen to this track you will learn to make friends with your treatment, to welcome it into your body, and to visualize it bypassing the cells of your body and acting directly upon the cancer cells.

You will imagine that, because it is bypassing the cells of your body, that this will block the side effects that might otherwise occur. Interestingly enough, people who do this actually do experience much you are side effects. Furthermore, there is good evidence that the treatments are more effective. There is a high correlation between those people who had a successful outcome of their cancer treatment–even full remission, and those who managed to keep a positive attitude all the way through their treatment.

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