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How To Be And Stay Sexy

By Allana Pratt

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Allana Pratt's authentic, passionate, empowering and velvety voice takes you on a complete journey from insecure and doubting of your beauty and worthiness to shining as a radiant, confident and sexy woman who attracts a quality man's attention... and makes him want to claim you, ravish you and adore you NOW!

Allana got pregnant the week after her mom died, was divorced within a year and hit rock bottom. Now she's developed a proven system to ignite passion, pleasure and confidence in women from the boardroom to the bedroom. She tells the truth about why men stop looking at us and how to prevent this from ever happening to you again. She expands you permanently into your fullest glorious sensual expression of YOU.

Exhale into your feminine power as Allana shares how truly simple it is to be a delicious woman of unshakable confidence and radiance, the one that wins his attention every time, with absolutely NO manipulation. JUST pure glorious luscious YOU.

Track aps01 - Sensual Self Talk, The Invitation & Openness
We begin the series learning the art of feminine sensual communication to magnetize the attention and affection we yearn for. I guide you in how to be soft, open and yet wise and discerning, truly in your feminine power.
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Track aps02 - Turning the Tables, The Art of Sexual Invitation & Spotting a Noble Man
We continue by exploring how a woman like Sophia Loren is able to be a sexual invitation with such class, exotic alluring qualities that elicit respect and adoration while spotting and attracting a quality noble man.
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Track aps03 - Trying To Be Sexy, Secrets for Affection & Making Him Chase After You
Here we dissolve behaviors that are actually pushing away the very love you crave and alchemize them into behaviors that attract him with absolutely no manipulation - just pure glorious YOU!
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Track aps04 - What to STOP Doing So You Can Be a Juicy Sexy Woman
Next we discover and release all the past thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that have caused suffering, betrayal and abuse in past relationships. Truly a breathtaking renewal of self worth. Watch as you turn heads when you enter the room.
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Track aps05 - Succulent Secret Practices for Being and Staying Sexy
Here I reveal ancient feminine wisdom for the busy modern woman's life on how to regularly cultivate your succulent appeal that attracts and keeps a great man showering you with the affection you deserve.
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Track aps06 - How to be Ravishing with your Man
Next I reveal how to attain the true balance required to have it all, a man who adores you, nourishing female friends, and full radiance self confidence for exactly who you are.
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Track aps07 - Sexy Women Secrets for Maneuvering Through Mayhem
Here I guide you how to handle challenges with grace, deliciousness and feminine eloquence not only teaching you how to stop giving your power away, but how to literally become MORE powerful when challenges are presented. True empowerment.
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