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Imagine Yourself Slim

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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Imagine Yourself Slim shows you first how to relieve unnecessary stress through a soothing experience of guided imagery and music to dissolve stress. In this deeply relaxed healing state, you create an inner image of your desired outcome state - the real you! Look and feel the way you want to feel -- happy and healthy. The secret to easy weight loss is your subconscious mind.

Being slim means being free of excess fatty tissue. And it is not only that you are looking and feeling better, we now know that it is the best way to live longer. By keeping your weight within the proper range, exercising your body, and managing your stress, you not only feel healthier, you prevent many of the leading causes of death (e.g., heart disease, diabetes etc.). And today is a perfect day to start.

Track eys01 - Setting Your Goal
Learn to relax, relieve stress, focus your mind, and create your ideal image.
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Track eys02 - Taste Training
Most overweight people are distracted and hurried as they eat, and as a result, they are unsatisfied and overeat. As you go through the imagery on this track, you will learn how to focus your attention, fully taste your food, and feel fully satisfied with the proper amount.
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Track eys03 - You and Food-New Scenarios
Most inappropriate eating (overeating, eating the wrong foods) is triggered by signals from your environment. As you follow the guided imagery on track 3, you will learn how to develop healthy responses to challenging situations.
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Track eys04 - Rewarding the Real You
One of the most important parts of every behavior change strategy is reinforcement. Track 4 enables you to give positive feedback to your subconscious mind so that it will continue to behave according to the new patterns you have learned.
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