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Inner & Outer Beauty Series

By Kimberly Mac

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Discover your true fountain of youth within your own mind and within your own control. These programs crested by Kimberly Mac will fortify you with even more than a younger, more alive, enriched body, face and mind; they will bring forth your living purpose and passion that will inspire everyone to want what you will gain here. You will then be part of a culture that supports an enlivened youthful lifestyle.

You have what you need to get started with these programs, the guidance within each and the follow through blueprint that reconditions your mind to produce and attract the results that are life-long that you deserve. Not with will power, with mind power. Mind power and purpose are what make lasting results in every area, no matter what your desire.

Track iobc01 - Ideal Body Size & Shape
Integrate into your mind and then ultimately through your body as a result of your directed mind, the ability to master the ideal size and shape for your body using this process. You have access to the information and application at the other than conscious level what it takes to be living in the body you desire. It is not will power, but mind power that is directed in the proper mind, the other than conscious mind that creates the ability to transform your body. You are provided with and directed to take the actions necessary to get the results you desire with this process.
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Track iobc02 - Looking & Feeling Younger
Looking for the True Fountain of Youth? Here you will find it and it is within your own body through your directed mind. Our bodies are our temple and when we worship them in the way they need to be worshiped, with the health mindedness and supporting actions consistently, we can regain, sustain and even turn back the clock on our bodies and faces. This process will be the foundation for you to have your own power to create the youthfulness, vitality and radiance to be lasting.
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Track iobc03 - Reduce & Eliminate Cellulite
Cellulite is a function of accumulation of toxic build-up in the body, typically through toxic waste waters that have accumulated and are stagnant in the lymphatic system. Impaired circulation can increase cellulite. Toxins deposit in the fatty tissues so they are as far away from the vital organs of the body, therefore protecting the organs from this toxicity. The toxic fat is pressed out to the exterior of the body and this shows up as a dimpling of the skin and is seen from the outside as cellulite. This process has proven success strategies that reduce and eliminate cellulite in the body which shows up on the outside of the body. Move it out by directing your mind with the steps to success and your body with thank you with a more toned and smooth look and feel!
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Track iobc04 - Eliminate Junk in Your Trunk
When will power is just not enough to stop the fast food and junk food cravings! Take action by programming your other than conscious mind where it will work not by will power, but by mind power, to do whatever is holistically and healthfully necessary for you to succeed in eliminating those cravings for deadly, health-stealing foods and beverages.
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Track iobc05 - Inner Beauty to Create Outer Beauty
A truly beautiful person can be seen from the outside, and this essence is delivered when the inside is beautiful, clean and working effectively. Focus your attention on what is needed from the inside first, and you will have everything you want on the outside of your body and face as a result of the healthy, clean inner body and mind. Master the program of your body and mind from the inside out and your will transform your looks and your life.
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