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Design Your Destiny

By Lisa Nichols

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Lisa Nichols accompanies you on a journey of guided imagery. You allow your body to completely relax and thoughts to melt away and to be totally present as you visualize a serene setting. You can tap into what is possible, into what the Creator can create on your behalf. You engage your mind to surrender and accept your greatness, accept your value and remove the opposing conversation. Recognize that you are designed for greatness and your past experiences perfectly prepare you for your future. Say yes to your greatness. Only you can design your destiny. You are the culmination of all past choices. You are the creator of all future choices. Your life will be a constant reflection of your choices and the lessons you learn are perfect. You are God's perfection in a physical form. You have everything you need within you to walk the path you have chosen and experience the life you want to experience - bliss, joy, peace of mind and crazy amazing love are yours. You have everything in you to make those moments and experiences your reality.

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Design your destiny now!
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