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Manifesting a New Perspective ~ Live the Life You Desire

By Belanie Dishong

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The interesting thing about perspective is that you cannot see life in any way other than through your own perspective. Said another way, your perspective actually determines how your life is experienced. In order to have different experiences in life, reach new goals, attract what you desire in life, your perspective must be totally aligned with the desired outcome. Your perspective is nothing more that your belief system. Manifesting a New Perspective is an inside job. Your perspective can only be changed from the inside out. There are several key components to manifesting a new perspective. This series guides you through the process of discovering and incorporating these components.

Track bmp01 - Imagination to Reality
Imagination is a gift that is often times misunderstood. Nothing is ever created without it first being imagined. To imagine is to create and to create is to give life. Imagination to Reality guides you through the difference between "thinking about it" to having your imagination create the reality you desire. Connect with the power of your imagination to bring forth your new reality.
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Track bmp02 - Purpose, Passion and Wealth
Purpose, Passion and Wealth focuses on permission to live your purpose with passion while allowing financial wealth to flow to you. If you have not been living financially abundant there is a specific reason and it will be revealed to you. Notice, you live with passion through your purpose...why not financial wealth? Now it is time to include financial wealth in your life through Purpose, Passion and Wealth.
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Track bmp03 - Having Your Dreams
In Having Your Dreams you will connect to what makes your heart sing. You will discover the secret to why you are not living your dream(s). When discovered, your dream(s) will become your reality. Having Your Dreams will connect your head with your heart to bring forth your dreams.
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