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Master Plan Your Life Series

By Darren Jacklin

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Master Planning for Life is about your own personal life journey. Deep inside your heart and soul, you have a purpose, dreams, visions and callings that you would love to bring into reality. Along your journey of creating your dreams you will run into occasional mental, emotional or even physical roadblocks that will slow you down or even stop you. These roadblocks, obstacles can arise from not having your life organized. By listening to these Master Planning for Life sessions on a consistent basis you will begin to mentally chart out your destiny through your life. You will be assisted on your journey and help you fulfill what is most important to your own heart and soul.

Track dj01 - Creating Your Perfect Day
The quality of your thoughts creates the experiences you are having in your life. The questions you ask yourself and focus on determine the quality of your thoughts. Start your day with purpose, passion, direction and power. Focus your mind on what it is you truly want and teach yourself to think in a positive, passionate, powerful way. This TGI program gives you the tools to monitor your mind and think your desires into reality.
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Track dj02 - Virtualization
Virtualization also known as visualization is the way we experience our thoughts. Some see it, some feel it, some hear it, and some may even smell the image. Each person is correct in the way they experience the word we call visualization. With this TGI program you will learn how to access and expand your inner compass and begin to purposefully create your dreams and bring them into reality.
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