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Optimizing Chemotherapy

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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Optimizing Chemotherapy is designed to help maximize the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment while minimizing or eliminating any side effects. As you listen, learn how to utilize focused concentration, guided imagery, deep relaxation and other mind-tools to control the reactions and responses of your body. In addition to reducing side effects, focus upon directing your medication towards the disease instead of to your healthy cells.

Track eoc01 - Relaxation and Healing
Beautiful music and Dr. Miller's soothing voice guide you into a peaceful state of deep relaxation. The meditative qualities of this “Healing State” relieve stress and tension which initiates the healing process. Further, it introduces you to the effective level of consciousness you need for sending an intentional, positive, healing message to the cells of your body. Please note that this track is without frequency following.
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Track eoc02 - Healing Cancer
After learning to enter the deeply relaxed and receptive Healing State using Track 1, Track 2 helps to deepen that relaxation even further, then guides you to envisioning your immune system becoming more effective at fighting off invaders. Visualize the cells of your immune system drawing on your positive emotions and become energized to cleanse your body of unwanted invaders.
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Track eoc03 - Maximizing Chemotherapy
After entering Healing State, you are guided to align with and amplify, in your mental imagery, the effectiveness of your chemotherapy. You will learn to recognize the medication as your friend, instruct your body to stop reacting against it, and instead guide it directly to those areas of your body that need to be healed. You will notice yourself remaining comfortable as your treatment eliminates the disease and you return to wellness. For best results, listen frequently during as well as in between treatments.
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