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Troubling Issues For The Growing Child

By Jeffrey Patnaude

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The first book was inspired by the act of a 10 - year old boy who swept the kitchen as part of his daily chores. His disposal one day included 3 pennies that inadvertently had fallen on the floor. When asked by his mother, "Why would you throw money into the trash?", he responded, "Mom, they are only pennies!" Hearing that story, it was then that Jeff Patnaude became compelled to write a children's book series about a penny and the value that even the smallest of coins contributes. "Penny" is a counting book on addition, the first of a four-part series in the education of young children in the area of financial literacy.

"Penny" not only captures children’s imagination and enjoyment for mathematics, but also encourages beginning a pathway toward responsible stewardship. The book has a simple yet significant lesson for all ages; a penny "saved" is a penny earned.

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Track jp01 - Livonia ~ The Lady of the Shadows / Oak and Maple (Double Story)
Livonia (Harsh Judgment of Others, Ages 5-10) ~ The People of The Town of Tenave can't accept the fact that Livonia lives in a tree. While trying everything from threat to temptation, Livonia will not come out. It is finally Justin, a young boy who leads the town to a new discovery, the wonder of accepting people for "who they are" and "how they live."

Oak and Maple (Divorce, Ages 5-12) ~ What does a Father say to his eight year old daughter when she asks: "Daddy, why are you and Mommy getting a divorce?" After much thought, this Father's response was: "Sweetheart, Mommy and Daddy are like two trees that grew next to each other in the woods. One was an Oak and the other, a Maple." Oak and Maple is a Father's attempt to answer the pain filled question of a hurting child.
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Track jp02 - The Adventures of Herman Bean
Self-Esteem (Ages 8-14) ~ Herman Bean is not like other children. He has a big nose, one brown eye and one blue. Instead of having friends, Herman retreats to the Playground of Mirrors where he learns a lesson far ahead of the children who tease and exclude him. Herman Bean is the child within in need of affirmation and a loving hug.
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Track jp03 - Tex and Jiffy
Making Hard Choices (Ages 5-10) ~ What happens when a young girl (Tex) can't make up her mind about choosing to keep the Teddy Bear she had always loved and instead, trades him in at Mr. Painter's Teddy Bear Shoppe for an old, pudgy worn out Bear. And when Mr. Painter retired and all the Bears must find a home or be packed away forever, Tex is faced with the biggest decision of her life.
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