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Power Choices Guided Meditation

By Brenda Wade PhD

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This guided meditation relaxes, restores, energizes and helps us to move through emotional or mental blocks that have kept us from living the life we desire. By releasing these blocks, we are free to envision, decree and create a life of victory and success.

The beautiful music of Kathleen Ryan enhances the effectiveness of these meditations.

Track bw01 - Power Choices Guided Meditation
Along life's journey, we make choices every day. Whether these choices are big or small - whether it's what to have for dinner or how to meet a crisis or challenge - how we go about making that choice makes a difference in the quality of our lives. This meditation is for those who want to make the small and big choices using their hearts as well as their heads. It identifies the key choices you can make to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. Ultimately, the most powerful choice is love.
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