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Relaxation for Nurses & Caregivers

By Max Highstein

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For those who spend their energy serving the physical need of others, periodic rest and recovery is crucial. We’re at our best when we’re well rested and relaxed, and when it comes to restoration of body and soul, ther’s no substitute for a plenty of sleep and time off work. But when we’re over-worked, when rest time is in short supply, or when our stresses are especially high, short periods of deep relaxation can help. This is a short one minute Introduction to Deep Relaxation for Nurses & Caregivers without frequency following.

Track mnc01 - Introduction to Deep Relaxation (00:46)

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Track mnc02 - Deep Relaxation for Nurses & Caregivers (27:18)
Deep Relaxation For Nurses & Caregivers, is designed to provide just that—a welcome period of profound rest, in a short length of time. With gentle narration, soft music, and ocean waves, this guided inner journey carries you to a safe haven within, and then to a tropical beach where you can receive nurturing, and healing to soothe the body and soul
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