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Releasing Pain

By Max Highstein

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The same physical conditions that cause one person to suffer can have little or no effect in another. Although the causes for pain may be physical, as often as not it can have an emotional, mental, or spiritual component. So it’s always a good idea to examine the situation from all sides. Guided imagery has been used in pain management for decades, to do just that.

Track mrp01 - Guided Meditation (16:24)
In this guided healing meditation, you’ll invite your pain it to communicate to you about its reason for being. It may have new information for you about your body, your feelings, your relationships, your life, any of which may be contributing factors. Once it has an opportunity to say what it’s been trying to tell you, it may no longer serve a purpose. That’s when you’ll apply the imagery in this program to make it dissolve and disappear. Pain be gone!
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Track mrp02 - Short Version: Releasing Pain (09:42)
Guided imagery for pain management is an effective strategy that helps you move your attention, detaching yourself from the physical pain. Meditation for pain can teach you deep physical relaxation, altering the meaning of pain and reducing its intensity. Please note that this is a shorter version of the original Releasing Pain Meditation, and does not have frequency following.
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