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Sanctuary of Peace - Connecting Within

By Max Highstein

Audio Sample

In this soothing guided imagery program you'll walk along a quiet lane, and come upon a weathered wooden gate, with a note pinned upon it, written to you. The gate opens onto an enchanted meadow, with a comfortable old chair by a brook. Receive a complete body relaxation, let go of all your cares, and feel tension melt away, with Gateway to Peace.

Track msp01 - An Introduction to the Sanctuary of Peace (02:32)
Most people who try to meditate say that they have a hard time focusing within, because their busy mind keeps distracting them. Sanctuary of Peace helps you learn how to enjoy a period of deep, centered inner peace whenever you have a bit of time. The narration track helps your mind to stay focused, and the background sounds help to soothe you, allowing you to go deeper, and deeper.

This short two minute Introduction to the Sanctuary of Peace is without frequency following.
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Track msp02 - Sanctuary of Peace (30:04)
Over gentle background sounds, the narration begins by helping you learn a simple, relaxing breathing pattern. As the background music continues, the narration helps you focus inward, and provides further instruction for letting go of distractions and going deeper. The 30 minute program includes both coaching and practice, each practice period a little longer, so you can easily learn as you go.
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