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Secrets to the Manifesting Mind

By Garry D. Johnson

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If you are consistently on the prowl for inside secrets, unique strategies and authentic ultramodern methods to improve all aspects of your life, then this set of audios is a must for your PRO library.

Visualize doubling or tripling your success rate while your bank account grows. You're attracting more enriching relationships, the people and things you need to have the life you desire just come to YOU out of nowhere.

Imagine the feeling of knowing that you are always living on purpose, and effortlessly taking actions to achieve what you want in life. And it's finally happening in the easiest most effortless ways.

Imagine what would happen if you had a proven success-making blueprint, designed specifically to unlock the other 90% of your mind's power. What if you could get a forbidden glance at the secrets of the masters and understand their scientifically derived inside intelligence that would show you exactly how you can achieve and even surpass what they've achieved.

What if I told you that if you just spent 30 minutes per day (without interrupting ANY of your daily routines) in a relaxed sleep-like state, you would be achieving this new level of unconscious proficiency - from this day forward you would be consistently releasing the unseen forces and untapped resources within you, and immediately start to systematically produce extraordinary results in every area of your life. And to top it of, it will only take 30 minutes per day with Secrets to the Manifesting Mind.

Track stmm01 - Passion Design
Ever wanted to discover what your life passion REALLY was? That deep inner "thing" that makes every fiber in your body wake up and shout "YES! This is what I was meant to do." Or perhaps you already know what passion is for you, but 'life' keeps knocking you off purpose. On this hypnotic journey you'll be guided through a process where you will either be discovering that passion, refining it, or confirming and solidifying it. Locking into and taking massive action on what you are most passionate about in life.
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Track stmm02 - Actions for Attraction
Action is what really makes things happen, but 'what' actions, and for what purpose? What is the vision that invokes those actions? What if you could train your unconscious mind to work on defining your path, refining your mission and clarifying the steps you will take to excel in every area of life? You get so consumed with the process of taking action and achieving daily goals. This hypnotic adventure takes you beyond the excitement of passion and it will help you create a vision that ignites an inner drive to propel you from vision to action.
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Track stmm03 - Personal Best Rehearsal
With your passion locked in and a set of strategic actions for achievement, now it's important to bring your best self to the table. With the vast amount of knowledge and skills that your unconscious mind possesses, why not just allow it to serve up the correct thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors for every important situation. This hypnotic experience teaches you the 'Stealth Manifestation Tactic' of creating success in the blink of an eye.
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Track stmm04 - Magnetizing Money
To finish off this set and leave your unconscious mind salivating for the next course, this seems to be a crowd favorite. In this hypnotic session you will experience whole brain activity and the unified electro-magnetic field of your body focused on bringing more money into your life. Utilizing principles from the field of magnetism and teaching your mind and body to become money magnets so that you can start attracting the financial abundance you want from the universe at will.
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Track stmm05 - Hyper-Dimensional Question Concept
There is a realm that is accessed by masters and geniuses alike. A dimension where ALL reality converges into one moment, and what you do in that moment can and will make a world of difference in the reality you experience. As you soar in the success stratosphere, this hypnotic quest is an adventure into hyper-dimensions where the 'secret' to the reality you experience will be revealed.
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Track stmm06 - Cosmic Connections
An important part of manifesting abundance is learning how to attract the relationships you want into your life. Think about having the perfect romantic relationship, business relationship, family relationship and a circle of like-minded individuals you call friends. Using the principles of 'The Law of Attraction' through this hypnotic process, your unconscious mind will develop an automatic ability to attract, establish and even enhance your relationships.
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Track stmm07 - Unconscious Creative Council
Now that you are in the habit of attracting the right relationships for success, you are going to establish and develop an inner guidance council that will assist you in all your manifestation endeavors. On this hypnotic path you will accumulate 12 powerful and essential resources for success, and then assemble them at a round table into the ultimate inner dream team, an unconscious mastermind council to coach, guide and support you in your times of need.
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Track stmm08 - Think, Feel, Manifest
Your skills are building, your resources are being stacked and now imagine developing the ability to take a no-risk formula and apply it to manifesting exactly what you want out of life. This hypnotic voyage takes you to the edge of sleep where a portal is opened up, and rich metaphors are poured into your awareness to blend your conscious and unconscious mind into one harmonious super-conscious state for manifesting.
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Track stmm09 - Affirmations for Attractive Thoughts
When the outside noises have stopped, you are left with one voice that can either empower you or sabotage you. What do you hear from that inner voice?

In this hypnotic conversation you will access your primary auditory processing center, where the things you allow in are recorded and then broadcast back through your body. Generating an orchestra of powerful declarations from an inner voice of wisdom that speaks to your whole being. Taking the best of all things and creating new messages, new thoughts and new attitudes for success.

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Track stmm10 - Inner Vision Boards for Outer Success
This is your opportunity to have your vision board with you wherever you go, keeping it at the forefront of your awareness.

To ensure you develop a well balanced successful lifestyle, you will have the opportunity to mentally establish and plan to achieve goals in 6 categories of life; Physical & Mental Health, Wealth & Career, Physical Environment, Fun & Recreation, Relationships, and Personal & Spiritual Growth. In each of these areas you will be claiming the 'Vision' that's meant for you.

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Track stmm11 - Habits of 'The Secret'
Develop your ability to model the ancient Hawaiian Kaduna’s, the masters of manifestation, learn how to use and master the energy and power derived from your breath and turn it into the most powerful force you possess.

Through this hypnotic process you will develop an unconscious conditioning for a manifesting mind. The power of this process will truly amaze you, and the rate at which you'll be manifesting things will be accelerated beyond your wildest dreams.

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Track stmm12 - See It When You Believe It
Your beliefs have "Ultimate Power." What you believe to be true for you will become your reality. Old outdated beliefs need to be loosened up and undone so that new ones can be tied onto a supportive inner core.

With repeated listening of this hypnotic session, you will go deeper and deeper into the underlying belief systems that either support or don't support your manifestation abilities, and make the changes or enhancements which will give rise to the reality you desire.

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Track stmm13 - The Parts are Greater Than the Some
An important and essential skill needed for mastering manifestation is the ability to rise above any situation, circumstance or event and always leave yourself in an empowered position.

Establishing a perspective that comes from a complete place of union with all that is, and realizing you are always greater than you think you are.

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Track stmm14 - Emotional Guidance System
You have a built in success guidance system which is designed to keep you on a path of purpose and abundance.

In this process you will be refining your ability to tune into it and have it guide you like a compass through any terrain or path you choose to experience. Staying true to your passion is what this one is all about, so you can enjoy life more and accomplish your wildest desires.

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Track stmm15 - The Future Isn't What It Used to Be
This is a Holographic Workshop for your unconscious mind where you find the key to opening up doorways to other dimensions of reality, where all aspects of the true you comes together and allows you to create your reality from the true source that is YOU!

This hypnotic session is a divinely guided process for cosmic manifestation.

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Track stmm16 - A Trance-Forming Moment in Time
This final STMM session is the perfect way to wrap up all the skills that have been established. It gives you the experience of going back in time and re-organizing your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors all the way back to birth.

You will be training your mind to start out with all the pearls of wisdom, growing with them and then allowing them to become your own treasures to give back to the world around you. It's like having your own machine to travel through time and give the 'you' in that reality the information you need to succeed.

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