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Smoke No More

By Dr. Emmett Miller

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- To eliminate or reduce the desire to smoke.
- To help create a new, non-smoking self-image and program desirable behaviors to replace smoking behavior.
- To help manage the stress of quitting or cutting down.

Recommended For:
All smoking styles including long-term smokers, heavy smokers, and people who smoke to reduce stress.

Track esm01 - Strengthening Your Motivation
Helps you develop a clear positive image of your goals and teaches your deeper mind to reject smoking as a habit. Your desire to smoke may decrease without conscious effort.
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Track esm02 - Stress Reduction
A relaxation experience that can replace your urge to smoke during times of stress.
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Track esm03 - Distancing the Urge
After entering the Healing State, you are guided to align with and amplify, in your mental imagery, the effectiveness of your radiation therapy. You will learn to recognize the radiation as your friend. You will imagine directing the healing rays towards the cancer cells while simultaneously instructing your body to deflect them away from your normal, healthy cells. Through imagery, you will guide these rays directly to those areas of your body that need to be healed. You will notice yourself remaining comfortable as your treatment eliminates the disease and you return to wellness. For best results, listen frequently during as well as in between treatmeThis section is designed to re-associate smoking with the unpleasant sensations of your first cigarette – the hot, irritating, nauseating smoke that caused sensations of burning in your throat and lungs. Gradually you will condition your mind to seek your own self-generated relaxation instead of a cigarette.
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Track esm04 - Rewarding Your Progress
A positive reinforcement section for making permanent each of the changes that you are making.
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