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Sound Healing Series

By Asoma Music

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The sound healing properties inherent within Asoma Music coupled with the active conscious intentions of you, the participant, creates an effective gateway and holds space for inspiration, motivation, meditation, relaxation, release, peaceful inner-journeying. This series is a powerful and reliable activator for your inner self to create your new reality!

Track shs01 - Spa Music 01
Unwind into the depths of your being & let this easy, fluid sound-scape entice your senses into a state of grace. Allow its rich contours to caress & pamper you as you access deeper & deeper levels of your consciousness.
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Track shs02 - Spa Music 02
This spa music is a continuous, uninterrupted journey & allows for you to enjoy a profound sense of relaxation. Created with natural sounds, guitar, piano, voice & keyboard, this is perfect spa music as it is both there & at the same time, not there.
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Track shs03 - Firehorse Yoga 01
A blissful invitation into the realm of yoga, meditation, creative activity, or time for introspection. This is a sound collage melding various compositions into one, using natural sound effects as glue, creating a continuous & always-inviting journey. The intensity rises & falls, guiding you through your activity, & always keeps you in touch with the space within the mind, allowing for a very fruitful 30 minutes.
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Track shs04 - Firehorse Yoga 02
Much the same as Firehorse Yoga 01, with a little more use of a grand piano. This time you are eased into a folk/pop setting with the relaxing new age sound, very similar to Enya. There is much variety to enjoy here, from sparse piano to lush vocals, luxurious guitar to driving hand drums - always lovingly encouraging the listener to keep on keepin' on.
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Track shs05 - Tranquility
Ideal for meditation, this piece is about the inner journey. It is about the journey into the place of no-mind, a place where the sounds you are hearing no longer matter. This all happens through the synergistic sound production at Asoma Music, a magical blend of flute, ambient sounds, wind chimes, & ocean sounds.
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