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Success by Design

By Shellie Hunt

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Shellie Hunt's powerful program "Success is by Design" takes you to whole new level of relaxation and self-discovery.

In this TGI experience, Shellie guides you through the colors of the rainbow, and uses the colors to help you discover your inner purpose, passion and power.

Track shrm01 - Rainbow Meditation
You will take an inward journey and tap into Source where you are authentically in the open space for success. Visualizing the colors of the rainbow while in a relaxed state, you will see a scene from nature; nature has a divine intelligence that connects to us, our purpose and our spirit. You will step inside a time tunnel where you are able to see yourself 5 years into the future. You see yourself fulfilling your purpose and destiny in this world. And as you step back into the tunnel and start your journey back to the present moment, you take with you all that you need to complete your journey to get to this point in time - your point of higher success, a point of higher self. That future is yours, anything you can think of you can create; anything you can dream of you can have; any purpose in your heart is meant to be fulfilled.
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Track shrm02 - Workshop of Your Mind
In this experience you go through a door to the workshop of your mind, a place where you can coordinate your subconscious and your conscious thoughts as one. There is a filing cabinet in this workshop whose drawers contain the answers that are connected to the Universe. For every problem and situation, there are hundreds of solutions at your fingertips. Every time you use your subconscious level of mind, you tap into universal knowledge - untapped sources, a universal frequency that travels like radio waves tying us all together. In this place, there are no limits, no boundaries; this is a place of creation where your subconscious mind can flow freely; where your solutions come to your conscious mind in your waking hours; where all of the knowledge you have asked for will be shown to you. In this place, you can expand your limits; your subconscious mind becomes more powerful each time you utilize this experience.
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Track shrm03 - The Authentic You
Nature has a divine intelligence that is all its own and is interconnected with all. We all have a place or something from nature that feeds us energetically, whether it is a flower, an animal, the mountains or water, we are one with nature when we are in this place. Every time your subconscious mind sees a part of nature, you feel grounded, relaxed, in an authentic place, authentically you. Every time you operate from the authentic you, you operate from a divine intelligence, from a higher knowledge, from an interconnectedness with all that is and all that is around you. You seek answers and answers come to you easily; you seek wisdom and it appears before you. You operate with love, compassion, kindness, and understanding - these are all higher principles of universal law and all a part of our divine nature and intelligence - all traits we were born with.
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Track shrm04 - Reprogram Your Sub/Conscious Mind for Success
You will go on an inward journey of success and wealth by communicating between your conscious and subconscious mind. If there are any negative latent programs that you have been carrying with you, you will have the opportunity to let go and replace them. You will walk through the doorway back to your childhood and observe what may have determined what you feel about money and success. You control the subconscious mind through your conscious mind; the two communicate together opening a channel for you to be able to reprogram your subconscious mind. If the program needs to be about more abundance instead of scarcity, replace it now with: yes, I am successful; yes, I can have more; yes, money is attracted to me; yes, I am living my purpose. You will become more focused, more powerful and you will become the master manifestor of your own design.
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Track shrm05 - Opening The Doors of Opportunity
When you operate from your authentic self, opportunities will unfold before your eyes; opportunities in regards to success, to tapping into your purpose, to money and in regards to relationships. You attract opportunities to you like a magnet. Opportunities are presented to you every day and you will be able to recognize them. You will see opportunities in money; in career, in service and in your purpose - what your gift is for this planet; and you will see opportunities of relationships and heart. Everywhere you go in your daily journeys, you will see opportunities for multiple sources of income. Think of all the different opportunities that are truly in your path and coming your way. There are a hundred ways that you can actually step out into the world and into every opportunity that is presented to you.
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