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Transformation Collection

By Kimberly Mac

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These foundational and essential programs set the core of all transformation to begin, continue and last a lifetime. These programs provide what we need to allow ourselves to release what we may not even be aware of could be hurting our health. You learn, apply and integrate your new being with the outside world for a safe and healthy transition from where you are now to where you want to be, no matter where you are starting from. This collection applies to any time in your transition and reconditions your mind to enjoy and embrace new territories of greatness that you deserve to be living.

Track tc01 - Emotional Release
We cannot continue to carry around emotional baggage from the past when we are destined to be healthy, vital and youthful. No matter where we are on our health journey, we can all use effective conditioning to release emotions that gather along our days, months and years or even a lifetime. This process effectively transforms the mind to release the no longer needed energies of events that were less than empowering to us. Take back your control and your life by releasing what you no longer need and that which is hindering your progress forward in the life of your dreams.
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Track tc02 - Socializing Living in Your Lifestyle of Choice
We all can use the support when we transition into any new change or shift in our life, no matter what it is; it could be a seminar or life-changing program, it could be a health transformation or even a new relationship that creates changes in our life. We all need conditioning for success strategies for living into this new life we have chosen without making others wrong for their lifestyle choices. This process enables the freedom and joy to live the life you want with no strings attached from yourself or others.
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Track tc03 - Living the Transitional Lifestyle as a Raw Foodist
For anyone transitioning into a vegetarian, vegan or raw living food lifestyle of choice, this process is for you. As plantarians (those who consume mostly or all plants) we are faced with taking back control of what we consume in order to be and stay healthy, vital and youthful. Sometimes others may not agree with our choices, and that is ok. This process provides the conditioning needed to successfully move through any opportunities for growth along your journey. Everyone transitioning into a healthier lifestyle should have and use this process for support all along their way.
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