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Ultimate Performance Collection

By Kimberly Mac

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This set is made for those who are only interested in achieving optimal performance with health mindedness. Master effective ways to reach and sustain optimal health for youth and longevity with a whole person healthy approach using these programs to recondition your mind to create the performance you desire from your body as a result of a directed mind.

Track upc01 - Alkalinity for Maximum Results
Do you want to enhance your performance or results in a sport, in school, in anything that takes physical or mind power? In order to have maximum performance in anything, we need to have maximum performance inside our bodies that provides maximum performance inside our minds. This is delivered in the form of external performance on the court, on the field, in the gym, in any competition, and within the mind for scholastics and critical thinking such as grant writing, writing books, professional coaching, stressful or high performance jobs and much more. This process provides what is necessary to attain and sustain this level of performance from the inside out. Take your competition or businesses on from the inside and see the results for yourself.
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Track upc02 - Looking & Feeling Younger
Looking for the True Fountain of Youth? Here you will find it and it is within your own body through your directed mind. Our bodies are our temple and when we worship them in the way they need to be worshiped, with the health mindedness and supporting actions consistently, we can regain, sustain and even turn back the clock on our bodies and faces. This process will be the foundation for you to have your own power to create the youthfulness, vitality and radiance to be lasting.
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Track upc03 - Non-Toxic Living
What we do not know is hurting us, maybe even killing us or those we love. This process educates, programs and reinforces the need for us to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. This includes keeping out the unseen and unknown toxins in our everyday life of household cleaners, personal body care products, home improvement items, and other environmental elements as well. Program yourself for knowing and acting in accordance with what you want for the healthiest body and mind you can have for yourself and your family with this process. Everyone needs to know and use what is in this process to live younger longer.
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Track upc04 - Eliminate Junk in Your Trunk
When willpower is just not enough to stop the fast food and junk food cravings! Take action by programming your other-than-conscious mind where it will work not by willpower, but by mind power, to do whatever is holistically and healthfully necessary for you to succeed in eliminating those cravings for deadly, health stealing foods and beverages.
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