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Wealth Success

By Suzy Prudden

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Obtaining wealth in your life starts from within. Changing your thought patterns and directing them to your financial goals is the key to learning wealth consciousness. In this powerful series, Suzy Prudden will help you unlock the door to these fundamental principles that have helped thousands of people take charge of their thinking and manifest success. "Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth." - Napoleon Hill

Track sws01 - Create Your Wealth Through Determination
In this TGI session, Suzy Prudden opens the door to the mansion of your own mind. She will guide you to the room of Desire, Belief and Determination, the foundation of wealth consciousness. You are only one step away from holding the key to this very important and powerful principle.
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Track sws02 - Believe in Yourself to Create Your Wealth
Without having a belief that you can accomplish your goals, may sometimes make it more difficult to manifest financial success into your life. In this TGI session, Suzy Prudden takes you to the room of Faith and Belief, where you will be shown your inner power. Soon, you will begin to think positive about your financial future, allowing yourself to realize that is you who controls your destiny!
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Track sws03 - Creating the Mindset for Wealth
In this TGI session, you will be guided through auto suggestion, a powerful technique of repetition, to retrain the other than conscious part of your mind to know that it is possible create wealth in your life.
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Track sws04 - Positive People Bring Positive Results
One of the keys to financial success is spending your valuable time with like-minded, upbeat people. People who are just as focused as you are, in achieving their goals. In this session, Suzy Prudden will help you build a mental support group of success. And, by using this power of your mind, you will begin to manifest this success group into your reality.
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Track sws05 - Organize Yourself for Wealth Success
In our lives, we all have accumulated knowledge that if organized in the right way, could lead us to the path of wealth. In this TGI session, you will be given the tools and techniques to regain this knowledge, and organize it in a way that will help you create the wealth that you desire.
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Track sws06 - Imagine Your Wealth
Imagination is very important in creating wealth. If you can think of an idea and believe it is possible, then you can manifest it in your reality. This TGI session helps you to open that creative part of your mind to new ideas, so that you can start inventing new and exciting ways to bring wealth into your life.
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Track sws07 - Plan Your Success
In this process you will learn the importance of organizing planning for your financial success. You will open up to your own creative unconscious and bring in these positive suggestions and information, which will allow you to move forward to create more wealth and well-being. Your subconscious mind will utilize every word to help you achieve your wealth goals. Plan for your wealth—once you create it in your mind, you achieve it in your reality. You bring your wealth that much closer when you increase your power to plan. Everything you want to create begins with desire; you take abstract desires and turn them into reality. Your plan will create your fortune; your achievement can be no greater than your plans are sound.
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Track sws08 - Strive For Your Next Level of Success
On this journey, an adventure in your mind, you are drawing your wealth to you. You will learn the (7) steps of creating an organized plan for achieving your wealth success. Success is not an accident. Allow your mind to take you to the place where your knowledge lies. You are creating your million dollar plan and there is a formula—the QQS formula: Quality, Quantity & Spirit. Quality—the performance of every detail; Quantity—the habit of rendering all the service of which you are capable, and Spirit—maintain agreeable, harmonious conduct, inducing cooperation from all you work with or for. Ponder this formula and realize that deep inside you know exactly what to do. Your mind is the power that creates your success. Learn the 30 major causes for failure, one of which may be holding you back from your success.
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Track sws09 - Strive to Reach Your Goals
This TGI session will take you to the next level of organized planning to achieve your success. Make the changes you need to make in order to move forward in the direction of your wealth goals. Take an inventory of yourself—there 28 questions you should answer every year for self-analysis. You are building your master plan with your own ingenuity and organizing ability—with imagination, faith, enthusiasm, prompt decision making and persistence. You can do anything; you stay motivated by the desire to build, construct, achieve, render useful service, earn profits and accumulate wealth. Allow yourself to create your life filled with purpose, passion, power and wealth; and commit yourself to your new reality.
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Track sws10 - Making the Right Decisions for Success
This session was created to help you take action and make your decisions quickly. The inability to make decisions quickly and change them slowly is a great cause for failure in business, as well as other areas of your life. Procrastination is the opposite of decision and must be released for your success to be assured. Courage is required to render decisions quickly; it is a greater risk not to make a decision. Stalling the decision stalls the success. When you have been indecisive in the past, it held you back. The definiteness of the decision increases your opportunity for success, as if the decision alone creates the outcome. Make the decision to change your reality now!
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Track sws11 - Persistence and Hard Work Leads to Success
This session will help you become more persistent—persistence is the sustained effort necessary to induce the faith you need to achieve your financial freedom, your wealth, and the life you desire. It is the essential factor in the procedure of turning your desire into its monetary equivalent. By opening up to the power within you, your mind will establish the will, the persistence, and the desire for your wealth. With persistence you can overcome any obstacle that may attempt to stop you from accomplishing your goals. Persistence creates achievement and it comes from the power of the will. Cultivate the habit of persistence and tenacity by staying focused on your goals.
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