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You Are Love

By Brenda Wade PhD

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Like most people, you have experienced heartbreak and heartache; and your beautiful, powerful heart wanting to close, wanting to shut down so that you can be safe, safe from the risk, safe from the possibility of ever having your heart hurt again. It’s not possible to live with a closed heart. There is something in us that is beyond our conscious control, the thing that makes each of us human, and it’s that compelling energy of the Divine, God, the Universe, the Light; that part of us insists that we learn to open our hearts. It’s only when our hearts are open that we can actually experience our true nature, experience ourselves as the most powerful, the most beautiful beings that we can each be. When we close our hearts, we cut off the flow of our life force, our life essences, our nature, you can’t run from it. Choose to stand for love, before you lose the chance in this lifetime; the chance to experience fully, powerfully, and courageously who you truly are: you are love.

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