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You-Nique Weight Loss

By Deborah Troeger

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This program is truly unique in that it focuses on the elements affecting weight loss. In this process we will examine Negative Beliefs : you are today because of what you thought about yesterday, and who you are today will be determined by what you do and think about today.

We'll address the self-talk and beliefs you have about yourself. As you begin to live again, food becomes less a source of entertainment and pleasure.

Track ynwl01 - Decide!
This recording is designed to get you into the right mind set to lose weight. This recording helps reinforce your decision to lose weight and giving you the encouragement and belief to do it!
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Track ynwl02 - Move It!
This recording encourages exercise and helps give you the motivation to get moving. Exercise is a key component in weight loss. Improve your health and energy, exercise.
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Track ynwl03 - Self-Acceptance
This recording helps you to accept yourself. Learning to appreciate your gifts and embrace your faults. We are generally nicer to people we like! This recording helps in the weight loss process by encouraging you to be good to yourself.
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Track ynwl04 - Forgiveness
This recording helps in the healing process to release those you have not yet forgiven and to give yourself permission to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is for you. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die! Forgiveness is freedom. This recording also is helpful in the weight loss process, helping you to quit "stuffing" feelings.
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