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Your Beautiful Body - Support After Breast Cancer

By Allana Pratt

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Your Beautiful Body - Emotional Support & Sensual Healing After Breast Cancer

50% of our ability to survive cancer is connected to our emotional state and support. This series of 7 empowering guided imageries aligned with New Reality’s cutting edge technology allows women just like you, to BE health, BE beauty, BE the creator of your phenomenal life again.

Track apb01 - Allowance
We’ve all heard that "what we resist, persists". Change requires being in the Now. This session holds you safe and tenderly in my arms as we dissolve all resistances, judgments, projections, grievances and fears to bring you home to where all your power is, the present.
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Track apb02 - Curiosity
Your body talks. It’s conscious just like you. It has messages, guidance and information for your best life. What is the cancer telling you about your physical, environmental, emotional and spiritual worlds? What is it telling you about honoring and trusting your instincts? Where might you have been giving away your power? Listen deeply, receive it’s wisdom, rest in compassionate trust.
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