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HCG Series

By Suzy Prudden

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These sessions cover weight loss and addiction to carbs.

Track hcg01 - Solutions for Weight Loss
Deep inside your mind you have all the solutions to create a safe and permanent weight loss. These weight loss solutions can come in many different ways; some people receive solutions in the forms of words, others as feelings; however you experience them will be perfect for you. You know that all solutions to your safe and permanent weight loss are already inside you. You are taking control of your body and mind and following the instructions you are given for safe and permanent weight loss. Deep inside you create solutions to your weight loss, as you begin to focus on the behaviors that allow you to eat the right foods at the right time, in the right amount. Say yes to your body at your ideal weight. The solutions are always flowing into your system. Let yourself experience a solution driven life’s right there inside your mind.
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Track hcg02 - Release Your Addiction to Carbs
You are going on a remarkable journey inside your mind to help you understand the power of your brain and the need for balance. With the right nutrition, cravings can be stopped quickly and often painlessly with no guilt, no shame, and no pain. This process will take you into your inner mind to reprogram your beliefs about cravings. Realize that cravings for carbs, sweets and fast foods is merely a habit; and you are on a journey of healing your body and balancing your brain chemistry. You now have the tools and the information to release cravings, decrease stress and increase clarity, focus and energy. It becomes a habit to eat well and to enjoy it. You have activated your inner mind to fulfill your desire to be totally and completely free of the cravings of the past.
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